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Fabienne is extremely affectionate: she loves to be pet, especially around her face and neck and enjoys being brushed. She wants to be close to her human, and will follow you around everyone. She will jump into your lap, have conversations with you and give you loving head butts. She enjoys laying in the sunlight and chasing wand toys. DOB: 9-26-2019 A21655. Color: Brown/Orange Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23645 Est. Birthdate: 08/04/2018 Microchip Number : 981020043124606. Color: Calico Pattern: Dilute
ID# : FKDS-A-23546 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2017 Microchip Number : 985141003649696. Color: Black/White Pattern: None
ID# : FKDS-A-23547 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2013 Microchip Number : 982126056782282. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23548 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2018 Microchip Number : 982126056781569. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23552 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2016 Microchip Number : 981020043131616. Color: Black
ID# : FKDS-A-23553 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2014 Microchip Number : 981020043146589. Color: Black
ID# : FKDS-A-23550 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2017 Microchip Number : 982126056781448. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
ID# : FKDS-A-23551 Est. Birthdate: 07/28/2015 Microchip Number : 982126056781819. Color: Grey Pattern: Tabby
Maryanne loves being carried around and snuggled! She's also a little adventurer that loves exploring and discovering new things. She's not afraid of dogs, and is always up for playtime. DOB: 3-19-21 Microchip Number : 981020041681411 FKDS-A-22502. Color: Cream/Chocolate Pattern: None
If anyone would be gracious enough to donate a laptop to my daughter amd i we lost everthing after i lost my job we only have a cell phone amd our clothes at a shelter your kinsness will forever be appreciated. And cherished
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