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DOB: 4-5-21 Microchip Number : 981020039784897 ID# : FKDS-A-22844. Color: Brown/White Pattern: Tabby
Bea Q is a beautiful dog from Qatar. She loves people but would do best as the only dog in her home. She should not, however, be in a home with cats or small animals. In a foster home, she was house-broken, but was not happy at all when crated. Bea Q loves her person but can become territorial and too protective of her person. She needs an adopter who is patient and willing to continue her soci...
DOB: 03-15-2021 Microchip: 981020041854548 ID number: A22887. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
DOB: 03-15-2021 Microchip: 981020041833820 ID number: A22888. Color: Brown Pattern: Tabby
DOB: 03-15-2021 Microchip: 981020041852271 ID number: A22889. Color: Black
DOB: 03-15-2021 Microchip: 981020041829634 ID number: A22890. Color: Black
DOB: 3-19-21 Microchip Number : 98102041699019 FKDS-A-22503. Color: Orange Pattern: Tabby
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